Envision Roselle

Envision-RoselleCollaborative Community Visioning Effort in Roselle

In what is likely to be the most extensive public engagement process ever undertaken in Roselle, community leaders recently joined forces to create the Envision Roselle Task Force to identify a desired long-term future for the community. The group will engage residents, business owners, local not-for-profits, and other stakeholders to find out what their shared goals and important priorities are, and how to make them into a reality that shapes Roselle for the next 30 years.

The Envision Roselle Task Force will gather data from stakeholders in a variety of ways this fall, including during a Public Forum on November 6, 2019, at Lake Park High School West Campus, 500 W. Bryn Mawr Ave., starting at 7:00 p.m. This session will be open to all members of the community and will employ a keypad voting system that allows participants to provide real-time feedback. Stakeholders will also be invited to provide feedback to the task force through planned focus groups and a community survey that is currently being developed for the effort.

Envision Roselle Forum

Initiated by the Village of Roselle as part of its 2018-2021 strategic plan, the Envision Roselle community visioning project includes partners from Lake Park High School District 108, Medinah School District 11, Roselle School District 12, Bloomingdale School District 13, Keeneyville School District 20, Roselle Public Library District, Roselle Park District, Medinah Park District, and Bloomingdale Park District. All of these partner organizations provide direct services to Roselle residents, and their participation will help ensure that long-term goals best reflect the wants and needs of the community.

The Envision Roselle Task Force timeline calls for citizen feedback to be gathered this fall, followed by data analysis, and a final report to the community in March 2020.