1. Community Statistics

    View Census Data and community statistics.

  2. Historical Foundation

    Read about the Village of Roselle's historical foundation.

  3. Park Districts

    Explore the various park districts serving the Roselle area.

  4. Forest Preserve Districts

    Discover the forest preserve districts near Roselle.

  5. Recreation Trails

    Check out recreation trails in Roselle.

  6. Libraries

    Seek out information on local public libraries.

  7. Schools

    Take a look at details on the various school districts serving the Village of Roselle.

  8. Townships

    Access contact information for the township governments that serve Roselle residents.

  9. Sister City Commission

    Learn about the Village of Roselle's Sister City, Bochnia, Poland.

  10. Churches

    Browse through a list of local churches.

  11. Clean Air Counts

    Find out about clean air strategies for our residents.

  12. Roselle Fire Protection District

    Get information about the Roselle Fire Protection District, which serves unincorporated areas in and around Roselle.