Budget - 2013

2013 Mid-Year Budget Report
The 2013 Mid-Year Budget Report (PDF) was presented to the Village Board on July 8, 2013.

2013 Budget Document
The 2013 Budget document (PDF) is available for download.

2013 Budget Reflects Deficit Reduction Efforts
The FY 2013 Budget reflects an organization utilizing a downsized full-time workforce, part-time personnel, regional consolidation, contractual personnel services, and membership in an intergovernmental risk pool to maximize limited revenue and tax base growth. Although many challenges exist for securing long term financial sustainability, initiatives designed to reduce operational expenditures over the last three budget fiscal years have enabled the organization to endure unprecedented negative economic pressure on its overall revenue and tax base.

While several additional workforce reductions in the organization took place in 2012, residents and business owners of the community continued to receive cost effective and efficient administrative, public safety, and public works municipal services. Finance Planning Committee initiatives designed to further enhance department operations efficiencies, reduce employee benefit plan costs, increase the use of technology and geographical databases for access by all departments, and modify current compensation and job classification plans were undertaken to help address the long-term fiscal sustainability strategic objective established by the Village Board.

The FY 2013 Budget includes funding for employee salary adjustments, scheduled replacement of public safety vehicles and equipment, improvements to various street, stormwater, municipal building, and wastewater treatment plant infrastructure, an independent department optimization and efficiency study, and continuation of the Emerald Ash Borer tree infestation management program. There are several initiatives not included in the budget that the Village Board will review in early 2013, after a better prediction of future budgeted revenue receipts can be made. The "on hold" proposals are related to economic development and land use initiatives, an engineering study regarding a train horn quiet zone, on-going professional geographic information system consulting services, and enhanced employee wellness programs.

The FY 2013 Budget includes revenues and expenditures sufficient to provide residents and business owners continued quality municipal services. It also provides for capital infrastructure improvements necessary to maintain the Village's wastewater, water, stormwater, streets, and municipal buildings. Other than the DuPage Water Commission pass through water rate increase, there are no additional proposed increases to fees, taxes, fines, or other charges.

Revenues, Expenditures & Tax Levy
View a PDF document containing pie charts highlighting a breakdown of 2013 revenues and expenditures, the distribution of property tax levy by each taxing body, and the Village's property tax levy.