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Capitol buildingThe Mayor and Village Trustees monitor legislation at the local, state and federal levels to stay abreast of issues that may affect the community. Regular legislative advocacy activities include providing information and educating legislators on the impact of legislation on the Village's government operations and its taxpayers. The Mayor is the official spokesman for the village government in all political and legislative affairs and when dealing with other elected officials.

Legislative Advocacy

The Village of Roselle is a dues-paying member of two associations that may conduct legislative advocacy initiatives at the county, state and/or federal levels. These associations include the DuPage Mayors and Managers Association and Illinois Municipal League. The Village is also a dues-paying member in the Pension Fairness for Illinois Communities, a coalition of business and government leaders committed to protecting local taxpayers.

Legislative Action Program

Each year the Village Board approves a Legislative Action Program that includes priorities and position statements on state and federal issues affecting local government. Below are legislative positions included in the 2017 Legislative Action Program.

Protect Municipal Revenues

  • Limit the Prevailing Wage Act
  • Implement Streamlined Sales Tax
  • Permit Municipalities to Collect Hotel Motel Taxes for Permanent Residents
  • Address the Decline in Telecommunications Tax Revenue and Identify Alternative Revenue Sources
  • Permit Municipalities to File for Federal Bankruptcy Protection

Eliminate Barriers to Local Management of Labor and Personnel

  • Reform Municipal Public Safety Pensions
  • Amend the Public Safety Employee Benefits Act (PSEBA)
  • Amend the Illinois Labor Relations Act to Create a Level Playing Field for Labor Arbitration
  • Preclude Bans on Part-Time or Paid-On-Call Firefighters and Paramedics
  • Exempt Staffing Requirements for Collective Bargaining
  • Amend the Minimum Wage Law to Permit Daily Unpaid Disciplinary Suspensions
  • Prohibit Municipal Employees from Serving on the Governing Board 
  • Amend Public Safety Pension Board Training Legislation

Preserve and Respect Local Authority

  • Resolve Minor Infractions Locally
  • Maintain Local Authority to Regulate Rights of Ways and the Siting of Wireless Facilities
  • Amend FOIA to Exempt Law Enforcement Records that Relate to Pending Cases
  • Expand FOIA Exemptions to Protect Employee Safety and Privacy
  • Amend the Law Enforcement Officer-Worn Body Camera Act
  • Amend Rules Regarding Publication of Reports and Notices
  • Preserve Local Risk Management Pools
  • Amend the Open Meetings Act
  • Expand Allowable Annexation Boundaries
  • Limit Land Disconnection
  • Amend State Statute to comply with Reed v. Gilbert
  • Clarify the Definition of “Public Place” within State Law Pertaining to Pedestrian Stops
  • Amend the Special Service Area Tax Law
  • Allow Municipalities to Determine the Form of Security Posted by Developers

Statewide Regulations

  • Extend the Open Meetings Act and all Requirements of the Freedom of Information Act to the General Assembly


  • Support True Western Access to O'Hare International Airport
  • Permit Municipal Control Over Projects
  • Improve Federal Safety Standards for the Transportation of Hazardous Materials and DOT-111 Tank Cars

What You Can Do

Government is most effective when residents are engaged. The Village of Roselle encourages the public to contact both State and Federal Legislators regarding any or all of these issues. Below are links with information on how to contact the legislators representing Roselle. In addition, please visit www.ilga.gov for additional information on State Legislators. For additional information on legislative advocacy please contact the Mayor's Office at (630) 671-2804. Please remember, your opinion does make a difference!

State Legislators

State Representative Christine Winger
State Representative Michelle Mussman
State Senator Laura Murphy
State Senator Tom Cullerton
Search for elected officials by address (Illinois State Board of Elections)

Federal Legislators

US Senator Tammy Duckworth
US Senator Dick Durbin
US Representative Raja Krishnamoorthi