Going Green In Roselle

Welcome to Roselle's Green Spot!
The Village of Roselle is working hard to make sure that our community is a safe, healthy and beautiful place to live and work. As part of that effort, the Village has worked on a variety of environmentally friendly initiatives including:
  • Purchasing a hybrid SUV;
  • Holding a gas can replacement event;
  • Limiting idling in Village vehicles;
  • Providing residents with Green Tips in the Village newsletter;
  • Planting a rain garden;
  • and many more!
Green Presentations & Handouts


Mike Schulz - Water Superintendent: Roselle's Water System (PDF)

Terry McGhee & Jenessa Nesbitt - DuPage Water Commission: Water Conservation (PDF)


Reading Your Water Meter (PDF)

Checking Your Toilet for Leaks (PDF)

Other Useful Links

The Conservation Foundation - Conservation at Home - Useful information about a variety of conservation topics for your yard.

ComEd - Tips on how to save energy and money.

Preserving Every Drop - Information from the DuPage Water Commission on ways to save water at home.

US Environmental Protection Agency